Optimising for Wetware: Replacing People With Small (Shell/Perl/Python/Ruby) Scripts

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Over the years I find I see the same story played out again and again.

Bright Open Source developers spends weeks, months and years of time on a project, only for it to fail miserably or never live up to it's potential because the author utterly ignored the human factors surrounding the location, evaluation, installation, use and maintenance of the project.

This talk starts with the concepts of wetware optimisation and software ecologies and then diverges wildly as I cover a range of good and (more importantly) disastrously bad approaches developers often take.

Keywords: Development, Optimisation, Wetware, Human Factors
Stream: Development Tools
Presentation Type: Presentation in English
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Adam Kennedy

Director, Phase N Australia
Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia

Adam Kennedy is one of Perl's "beautiful people". Brilliant and stunningly handsome, yet still modest, he particularly enjoys being asked to write his own bio for conferences like this one (and having it saved from last year).

Adam plays a central role in the development of CPAN. He is a CPAN administrator, the release manager for Module::Install, and the author or maintainer of around 140 CPAN modules.

He also dabbles in other area of Perl, as the creator of win32.perl.org, the co-creator of the "Strawberry Perl" Win32 Perl distribution, and many many other smaller projects.

Ref: OS7P0019